K - Laser Therapy

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To initiate cellular metabolism, we have to introduce more oxygen, the principle fuel for aerobic organisms, and the only way to get oxygen and nutrients to the cells for processing, and waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide away from the cells is through the blood.

Accordingly, generating local circulation, both input and output of blood, is one of the primary mechanisms of laser therapy.

Bones & Joints

When osteoblasts have more ATP available to them and in the presence of damage, they will proliferate more rapidly and regulate their collagen production.

Central Nervous System

Brain and Spinal Cord injuries have some of the most debilitating effects on our quality of life and have always been thought to be irreparable.


Infected wounds, both internal and external pose a real problem because despite their similar appearances, the origins of the infection could vary WIDELY, from bacterial, to fungal, and viral.

Muscles & Soft-Tissue

Smooth muscle pain can stem from a variety of injuries and complications including ligament tears, tendonitis, contusions, overuse, fatigue, inflammation and more.

Discover how laser therapy has not only increased tensile strength of smooth muscle injuries, but done it faster.

Peripheral Nerve Damage

Damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system can be caused either by diseases of or trauma to the nerve or the side-effects of systemic illness. Neurologists used to believe that if impulses ceased after trauma to the nerve, no impulses could be stimulated thereafter.